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When you get the news that you are going to have a baby soon, there are so many things that you start thinking of like what toys or clothes you are going to get for them, how you are going to decorate the room for your child, his name etc. Naming is one of the most important thing among the above mentioned tasks because the name stays with the child for the complete life. Because you are not sure about the gender of your baby, you think of more than one name including both boys’ and girls’ names.

We give names to the babies to distinguish them from others and also so that we have something to call them with. Every parent hopes of naming their child something that is unique, lovely and good.
In Muslims, it is considered a tradition to name the child on his/her seventh day when the child’s hair is shaven.
In Muslims, it is considered very important to give such a name to baby which is meaningful, good and unique. Not only people will hate names which represent disrespect, bad omen or bad personality, but these are also not permissible according to Hadith.
They also keep in mind that the name of the child has a positive meaning because the name also plays an important role in shaping the character of the person. As the child grows, he learns to be like what his name suggests.
Though it is considered good to name a child which praises Allah but it is not permitted to name a child with any of the 99 names of Allah. You may join the name with other words, but solely using Allah’s name for a child is not allowed.
So, here we present a list of all the Muslim baby names for a girl and a boy that are unique, modern, lovely and meaningful. The list contains Muslim baby names of girls and boys separately. Also the names have been listed down alphabetically so it’s easy for you to choose a name starting with a particular letter. We have also mentioned meaning of all the Muslim baby names in the list so that you do not face any difficulty in deciding what you want to name your child.
This list is not for a couple who is expecting a baby, but for others too because they can suggest good names to such couples. We have tried to list the best modern and meaningful Muslim baby names which meet the naming trends of the time. All the names are so lovely that you will fall in love with them as soon as you read them.

This list is for all those looking for new born baby boy and girl names with their meanings. All types of Arabic or Islamic names are mentioned here like cute, popular and unique names for Muslim babies.

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