Common Muslim Beliefs

Common Muslim Beliefs

Common Muslim Beliefs

Islam is the second largest religion followed by a large portion of the world. People believing in Islam are known as Muslims. It is believed that the religion was in existence even before the angel Gabriel met Muhammad to recite the words of the God. Just like every other religion, Muslims also have some beliefs that are mentioned in the Quran and they believe them full heartedly.



A Muslim is someone who has surrendered himself or herself to the only God of the mankind, Allah. There may be different names by which people of different religions call God, but that doesn’t mean that there are many Gods. Allah is the only God, who is the creator, savior, judge of all the religions people follow.

They believe that for being a true Muslim, a person has to believe in what Allah said, and have to follow his commandments or orders without doubting him. According to them Allah has given rules and regulations that are applicable in each and every aspect of people’s life that includes social, physical, spiritual, private, financial aspects of life.



Although there are many beliefs, but these are some of the most common Muslim beliefs:

There is only one God

Muslims believe that there is one and the only God for all the humanity, no matter if a person is a Muslim or follows some other religion. A person should believe in all the names of Allah that have been mentioned in Quran and believe that only Allah is to be worshiped by all.
They are not supposed to pray to someone else because they can directly reach him through prayers and do not require a middleman for that. He is the only one who is divine and holy.


All humans are equal

Muslims consider all the humans equal. They do not judge people on the basis of their caste, religion, race etc. The only thing that makes a person different from others is religiousness and righteousness. Also there are only scholars who can give suggestions to a person, not priests. A Muslim person has to maintain balance in his present life and also work for the betterment of afterlife because the deeds that a person performs in this life decides whether the person faces the love or the wrath of Allah.


Only one message

It is believed by Muslims that Allah sent messengers to every place to give only one message that is to worship Allah and follow what rules, regulations or orders are mentioned in the Quran which are the words of Allah himself sent to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel.


Five Pillars of Islam

The five pillars are the commandments of Allah that are compulsory to be followed by each and every Muslims. The five pillars are:

  • Declaration: It means that every Muslims declares that he believes in only one God, Allah and that the Muhammad is the messenger of God. They believe that Allah never dies and he is constant for all the time and places.
  • Prayers: It is mandatory for all Muslims who have reached puberty to pray fives times a day.
  • Fasting: It is mandatory for all the Muslims who are physically capable to fast for the whole month of Ramadan. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything from the sunrise to the sunset.
  • Charity: Muslims are supposed to give charities to the people who cannot otherwise fulfill all their basic needs. They should donate if they are financially able and earn more than their needs.
  • Pilgrimage: An adult Muslim should visit Mecca at least once in his/her lifetime if he/she is capable.


Six articles of Faith

There are six articles of Faith in which all the Muslims believe:

  • One God: As mentioned above, Muslims believe that there is only one God who is to be followed and worshiped.
  • Angels: According to Muslims, Allah created angels too who act as communication channels sometimes. They spread the words of Allah to people. They believe in the angel Gabriel the most because he recited the words of Allah to Muhammad and it was recorded in a holy book, Quran.
  • Holy Books: Muslims believe in everything that is written in their holy books, especially Quran because it consists words spoken by the God, passed by Gabriel to Muhammad. The seventh century Quran has never been modified and is kept in its original form.
  • Prophets of Allah: Muslims believe that the prophets or the messenger of Gods are pious, truthful, and never commits a crime. They not only believed in Muhammad, but also the prophets of messenger of God like Adam, Jesus etc.
  • Judgement Day: Judgement day in the afterlife is considered a day when Allah judges a person on the behalf of the actions done by him/her in the life. People are either sent to heaven, punished in hell or forgiven by Allah.
  • Destiny: Everything that is happening is pre planned by Allah. People are however allowed to react to everything happening in the world as their ‘Karma’.



Sharia is a law in Islam that governs all the aspects of life of a Muslim, defines rules and regulations to be followed and also punishments for all the crimes that a person could commit.
There are five categories in which the Shariah law is divided which defines actions as punishable sins or permissible actions. For sins, it also defines various punishments too.
Sharia governs almost everything like private life, public life, financial life, etc. of all the Muslims that this law is followed by Muslims more than any other law.

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By Jihad, Muslims do not mean war with the people believing in religions other than Islam. It only means to struggle to fight against any impurity within a person or in the society. It is one of the most common Muslim beliefs.


Other basic beliefs like dressing

Women and men, both are supposed to dress modestly and decently in the public. Women should wear hijab so as not to reveal any parts of the body not supposed to be shown to anyone, but a woman’s husband.


All these common Muslim beliefs and principles of Islam make Islam one of the most popular religions in the world. Muslims are quite determined to follow in all the words of Allah himself, stated in Quran.

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