Educational Rights of Muslim Women | Why is education important in Islam

Educational Rights of Muslim Women

Islam is a religion that is known to govern and guide people in all aspects of their life, not only social but personal aspects too. It is one of those religion that supports women and protects their rights regarding anything and everything in their lives. The religion has taken steps to make sure that a women gets equal rights as men in all relations like daughter, wife, mother etc.

The fact that both men and women are treated equally in Islam can be justified by the reasoning that both of them are supposed to perform the same duties like worshipping, fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca etc. If they are given same duties, they are also given equal status in the society even if their social responsibilities may differ from one another in some aspects.


Struggle for equal rights to Education

Since past, women have been struggling in order to achieve equal status that a man enjoys in the society. In the past, before Quran was revealed to Muhammad, women were mostly treated inferior to men. Being killed as soon as they were born, not getting any opportunities for education and work, but the scenario changed when Quran was revealed and people were taught about the importance of women’s education. Islam prohibits female infanticide and promotes good education for women since it was established.
Other than this, Islam also discouraged female slavery. Prophet Muhammad said that a man who teaches his female slave and marries her will be rewarded by Allah.


Quran supports educational rights of Muslim women

If someone has thoroughly read and understood the Quran, he must be aware how many times the importance of education has been mentioned in the Quran. There have been evidences in Quran which proves that educational rights of Muslim women are protected in Islam and education among women is actually encouraged in Quran.
Quran makes it compulsory for everyone to get knowledge and be educated. It is considered to be more like religious duty than a right of every human being to be educated. It also stated that the quality of the education that is imparted to people, especially girls matters a lot.


Past evidences that Islam supports educational rights of Muslim women

Education has always been an important part of Islam and this can be proved by the fact that there were many scholars in the past who not only encouraged female education, but also opened many universities and schools for the same. The first wife of Prophet Muhammad was a big business person who was well qualified. Another wife of the prophet was a great scholar who was known for her extraordinary memory and her knowledge about the religion as well as the society. Females have also known for opening universities and schools in support of educational rights of Muslim women.


Why is education important in Islam?

It is compulsory for every Muslim – men and women – to read the Quran themselves. It is because that the Quran is a spiritual book that helps a person establish a connection to God and this is something personal. Females are supposed to get religious as well as social education that helps them strengthen their faith in Islam as well as differentiate between wrong and right in the society.

Both men and women are equally important to ensure the smooth functioning of the society and therefore, good education is important for females and males alike. Many terrorist groups have been creating trouble for the females who want to study, but the Muslim females are fighting for their educational rights.




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