Health and Education

Muslim Foundation of India is an NGO providing services of health and education for the poor and needy in India. The major activities of MFOI includes provision of education and health care through hospitals and maternal and child health centers. In addition education for children is provided through formal and informal schools. Vocational centers provide computers and vocational training for youth.

Charity Marathon

To find out more about how you can enter the 2015 Muslim Foundation Of India Marathon with a charity and which charities you can run for. These are all fantastic causes, and by running for them you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of those who truly need it with your Muslim Foundation Of India Marathon journey. Browse through our charity listings to find your chosen charity and get in touch.

Promoting Rural Women

A growing population and environmental degradation are putting severe stress on natural farm productive resources, compelling more and more rural people to turn to non-agricultural activities for supplementary income and, in a growing number of cases, for alternative livelihood. Moreover, the forces of globalization are increasingly exposing small-scale  farmers, a majority of them women, to market conditions for which they are poorly prepared.

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