According to the Muslims, there are four books in total that were revealed by Allah to the prophets of God. The four books that were revealed are Zabur revealed to Dawud, Taurat revealed to Moses, Injil revealed to Jesus and Quran revealed to the last prophet Muhammad. Injil is the third book that was revealed and is believed to point to the original Gospel that was revealed to Jesus. While the Injil is said to form the New Testament, Taurat is said to point to the Old Testament.


Who wrote the Injil?

Jesus was the third prophet, preceding prophet Muhammad, who came to the world to guide people in their lives. Many Muslims believe that the person who wrote the Injil is Jesus himself, while others believe that the Injil was revealed to Jesus in the manner similar to the Quran revealed to Muhammad. Therefore, the Injil is said to be originally written by God himself. The Injil was memorized and taught by Jesus to the people who followed him and he also asked the people to memorize the complete Injil.


Is Injil mentioned in Quran?

Injil has been mentioned in the Quran for twelve times, which proves that it was indeed a book revealed by the God. most of the passages mentioning Injil are Medinan except the one which is Meccan. Most of the scholars believe that it refers to the original Gospel, not to any other literature, even though it has been modified and altered. Some passages are said to be deleted from the Injil which were actually present in the original Gospel, while new passages have also been added even though they were not originally present in the Gospel.
Though Muslims and Christians have many things in common that they believe in, there are differences too. For instance, Jesus is worshipped as a God by the Christians, while the Muslims believe that there is only one God, Allah, and Jesus was just a messenger of the God, not God himself. The Quran therefore treats Isa as a messenger, while the Injil or Gospels which form the new Testament treats him as God.


Do Muslims believe in Injil?

The Quran mentions Injil twelve times and also asks people to follow the deeds and words of various prophets of God, thus a few Muslims do believe in the Injil. As mentioned above, some Muslims believe that it has been originally written by God or revealed to Jesus by God, but there are few who also believe that the companions or the disciples were the ones who wrote the Injil, not Jesus or God. In the earlier times, the Injil was taught to people orally instead of providing them a book and teaching them with the book itself. Another point to keep in mind is that the original Injil has gone through many alterations now, which is why many Muslims refuse to follow or believe in Injil. These are a few reasons why some Muslims read and believe in the book, whereas some don’t.

As one of the four spiritual books revealed by God to the prophets, Injil has a lot of importance in Islam. Even though many Muslims do not believe it to be in original form anymore, there are many who believe in all the four books of Islam including Injil.







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