Islamic Education

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Islamic Education

Islamic Education

Muslims are those people who follow Islam. Just like any other religion or culture, Islam also has some differences in the way the people following Islam are taught. For Muslims, the most important knowledge is the knowledge of Quran and anyone who has read and understand Quran understands the importance that is given to good education for everyone in the society.


What is Muslim Education ?

By Muslim education, we mean the education system that teaches people according to the principles and rules of the Quran. They do not follow the strategies, ideas or rules mentioned by someone else as they believe that Quran consists of words of God and they must understand and follow it without any doubts.

The primary source of Islamic education is the Quran. Quran is given the highest position in a Muslim’s life. The Quran covers all the aspects of a human being’s life – whether it is related to personal, physical, social, emotional or economical affair.


Why is it considered important?

In Islam, there is no difference between a male or a female when it comes to gaining knowledge. Both men and women have been given equal rights and opportunities for education. The existence of female scholars in the past prove the fact that females are considered equal to men and it is equally important for them to learn how to read and write.

The importance of Islamic education has been stated in the Quran many times. There are verses in Quran which proves that Allah himself wanted an educated society so that they could differentiate between wrong and right.

Another reason why it was considered important for everyone to be educated is that the Quran was considered to be read and recited by each Muslim. Though in the past, learned Muslims usually recited the Quran to the illiterate people, but it was important that everyone could read the Quran themselves as it consisted of Allah’s words and it was needed that everyone could generate a private bond with Allah.


How were Muslims taught in the past?

The main purpose of Islamic education is that every Muslim can read and understand Quran and implement in deciding the rights and wrongs in all the fields of their lives. In the past, the Muslims were usually taught in mosques, homes, tents etc. In mosques, a teacher usually sat in the middle of a semi circle and taught all the students. Other than this, there were elementary schools too, known as kuttab, where the students were taught almost all the essential subjects. There were many types of colleges – meshed and madrasa.

In the past, Muslims mostly believed in memorizing things rather than understanding and implementing them. But nowadays, Muslim education is more focused on practical knowledge and implementation in real life.


What are the aims and objectives of Islamic Education?

The main difference between Muslim education system and other systems is that the Muslims give the highest importance to the Quran and Quran based teachings. The main objectives of Muslim education are as follows:

The main aim of Muslim education is to teach all the Muslims to have faith in Islam. They are taught to pray regularly, cultivate the habit of charity, to stay away from the bad influences in their lives etc.

Along with the essential subjects that everyone else is taught, they are given good education for improving their physical, emotional and social welfare too.

They are given education to govern and improve their social, political, economical affairs in their lives and focus on shaping a human being who can take care of personal growth, while contributing in the overall growth of the society also.

According to Muslims, good education inculcates good habits in a person and make them aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities towards themselves, their families and the society.


Islamic education first focuses on the overall development of a human being as per the teachings of Quran and then comes the regular subjects that must be taught to a person.


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