Promoting Rural Women

Muslim Foundation of India has been focusing on empowerment of oppressed women.A growing population and environmental degradation are putting severe stress on natural farm productive resources, compelling more and more rural people to turn to non-agricultural activities for supplementary income and, in a growing number of cases, for alternative livelihood. Moreover, the forces of globalization are increasingly exposing small-scale  farmers, a majority of them women, to market conditions for which they are poorly prepared.

The following shall be the objectives

  1. To provide primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care to the marginalized women/girls living in difficult circumstances who are without any social and economic support;
  2. To provide emotional support and counseling to such women;
  3. To rehabilitate them socially and economically through education, awareness, skill up gradation and personality development through behavioral training etc.;
  4. To arrange for specific clinical, legal and other support for women/girls in need of those intervention by linking and networking with other organizations in both Govt. & Non-Govt. sector on case to case basis;
  5. To provide for help line or other facilities to such women in distress; and
  6. To provide such other services as will be required for the support and rehabilitation to such women in distress
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