Social Rights of Muslim Women


Islam is a religion that takes care and protects the rights of women in the same way in which it protects and supports men. Men and women are considered equal in Islam, not treating any one of them superior to the another. Social rights of a woman in Islam can be categorised as a daughter, wife, mother and sister and in all the relationships the responsibilities and rights of men and women are properly balanced.


A woman’s right as a Daughter

Before Islam came into existence, birth of a girl was considered an event to be sad, instead of being happy. Many girls were either buried alive or left as soon as they were born. The act of being killed and abandoned was first opposed by Islam when Prophet Muhammad taught people that both girl and boy child are supposed to be treated equally. Not only Islam banned female infanticide, but made sure that no child is killed, no matter if the child is a boy or a girl. Even in the times when the society is educated and understands that the kids are supposed to be treated equally, census reports have shown that in many regions the ratio of girls to boys is quite low proving the fact that there is no gender equality in those regions.

As per Islam, it is a crime to kill any child – girl or boy. It is banned to find out the gender of the child before it is born until and unless there is a valid reason behind the same. There should be no partiality in the manner a girl is raised and the manner in which a boy is raised.


A woman’s right as a Wife

Islam does not support monasticism in any way. According to Islam, a person who has reached the age of marriage and can marry, must marry because marriage is something that can prevent him from following a wrong path. It is considered that a person can complete half of his religion by getting married and taking care of his responsibilities as a spouse. In Islam, woman is said to be a fortress against devil which means that she can guard a man’s modesty and help him move on a right path.

Islam ensures that both men and women enjoy equal rights in marriage. No one can force a girl to get married to someone she doesn’t want to. She has complete right to decide whom she wants as a partner in her life. Without her consent, she cannot be forced to marry anyone, not even by her parents.

Men and women, both have equal rights in a marriage. Even though their responsibilities and duties may differ from each other, none of them can be considered superior to the other half. The women are considered to be a homemaker while the men are supposed to provide protection and maintenance to the family. Islam considers marriage as a boon to both the parties as it is one way that completes half of their religion.

Even in case of divorce, men and women have equal rights to decide if they want to be separated. There are certain rules that must be followed to make sure that both the parties are allowed to enjoy equal shares of rights. There are also custody rules that a person needs to follow if the couple is getting divorced.


A woman’s rights as a Mother

Islam is a religion that gives a lot of importance to family and has constructed rules and regulations in order to make sure smooth going of the family. Islam teaches its people to respect and love their parents, especially mother. Around one fourth of love and respect that a person has for his parents must go to the mother and the rest to the father.


A woman’s rights as a Sister

It is believed that a woman must be first protected by her father, then her husband and then by her brother. As a brother and sister, they must be given equal rights. Both men and women are said to be friends of each other who help increase the good and reduce the bad in one another.

A woman in Islam enjoys equal rights as men, even though they have different responsibilities and rights. Social rights of Muslim women do not prevent them from leading a life similar to men and in no way does it consider men superior to women.




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