Women’s marriage rights in Islam | Marital Rights of Muslim women

Women's Marriage Rights in Islam

Women’s Marriage Rights in Islam

Marriage is considered very important in Islam and is a means that prevents people from doing any wrongs. Celibacy is completely prohibited in Islam. As the Quran, other spiritual books in Islam and the Sharia law govern almost all aspects of a Muslim’s life, there are rules and rights that are given to both wife and husband to ensure that the marital life of Muslims are stable. Islam also brings forward some conditions that must be met before marrying a person.

A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. Marrying a non Muslim man, no matter which religion does he follow, is completely prohibited in Islam. Also the man who is going to be the husband must have good character. This is to be followed according to the women’s marriage rights in Islam.

A Muslim man can marry a woman who follows Islam, Christianity or Judaism. The woman must have good character and should not be a mahram(a person you are not allowed to marry at anytime of your life). In case a man marries more than one woman, he can also not marry two sisters at a time or a woman and her aunt.

Certain rights and duties for both wife and husband have been specified and it is mandatory for both of them to follow those rules and fulfil their duties. These are the women’s marriage rights in Islam that a woman gets over her husband are stated below:


1. Financial Support

Mahr(Dowry): In every Muslim marriage, the husband is bound to give an amount to the wife as dowry or mahr, and the amount that the wife receives from the husband is completely hers and she can use it in the way she likes as it is her property. The husband is supposed to give the mahr to her until and unless she readily agrees not to take any mahr. No other person in her family is supposed to use the mahr without her permission.


Spend on Her: Spending on her and providing her with all the basic needs is the duty of her husband. She has a right over her husband to arrange for her accommodation, food, clothing and other important things. It doesn’t mean that the husband is supposed give all his earning to her, but as per his standards, he must spend enough to provide her with the same kind of food, clothing and accommodation as he himself is enjoying. In case the husband is not able to do so, the wife has the right to inherit his property to meet her and her family’s basic needs. Also the husband should do it as a duty, not as a favour.


2. Kindness

The husband should always show kindness in everything he says or does with her. It should be kept in mind that everyone makes mistakes, therefore, when the wife makes a mistake the husband should not lose his temper. Some negligible mistakes must either be forgiven or she must be corrected when they are alone. Husbands should not boycott or leave their wives alone except when they are at home.


3. Patience

A husband must remember that no human is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. So if there are some bad qualities in a wife, they must be tackled with patience and tolerance. This not only applies to a husband, but also to the wife. They are supposed to be there for each other and correct each other if needed.


4. Spending Nights with wives

Islam says that a husband must spend the nights with his wife and in case he has more than one wife, he must divide the nights equally among them so that justice is done to both of them. All the wives are supposed to be loved and treated equally.


5. Respect Her and Defend her When Needed

It is important that the spouses love and respect each other. In case the husband disrespects his wife in any way, he will be punished on the judgement day. If someone else disrespects a person’s wife, the person must be able to stand for her and defend her even if she is not present there.


6. Maintain and respect her privacy

A man must never share a bedroom secret to any other person. The private time they share together should not be revealed to a third person at any cost. A husband who does so will be punished for this on the judgement day.


7. Teaching and Guiding her

There are times in one’s life when people usually divert from their religion or duties and it is the duty of the husband to teach and guide his wife in such a situation. The husband should remind her of her duties without getting aggressive with her or harming her physically.


8. Protect her

Men are supposed to be the protectors of their wife. It is the wife’s right over her husband to be protected and maintained in a suitable manner.



These are the women’s marriage rights in Islam. Though the rights and duties of both men and women are different in Islam, women are in no way considered inferior to the men. Both men and women are supposed to be supporting each other. 




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